Age: For adults and children over 12 months old 

Instructions of use:

  1. Place the nasal nozzle on the top of the bottle and press gently in order to stabilize the sprayer.
  2. At least 4 sprayings in each nostril up to 4 times per day are recommended. 
  3. Preventive use: 1 to 2 sprayings in each nostril per day. 
  4. Place the nasal nozzle on the top of the bottle and press gently in to stabilize the sprayer
  5. Gently insert the nozzle into the nostril, in parallel with the nasal septum, and press firmly
  6. Remove the nozzle, return to the upright position while allowing solution to work for a few seconds or more, and then blow your nose
  7. Remove the nozzle from bottle, wash well with warm water and wipe dry after each use before placing on the bottle


  • Propolis promotes nasal health due to it’s calmative, soothing and antiseptic properties 
  • Relieves allergic rhinitis symptoms including blocked nose, sinus pressure and runny nose 
  • Relieves local irritation and soothes the nose
  • Cleanses the nasal cavities by eliminating mucus
  • Dosimetric sprayer:  The sea water is inserted in the nasal cavities in the form of microscopic particles that help in its absorption and dissolution of the excess mucus

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