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Athomer Nasal Wash System

The Athomer nasal irrigation system is a natural therapeutic method for cleaning the nasal cavity. The bottle is specially designed for washing the nasal mucosa.


Contains: Box with Device 250ml & 10 x 2.5g salt sachets.


*One sachet of ATHOMER contains 99.6% NaCl, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium.

Suitable For

  • Relief of symptoms of both chronic and acute sinusitis, caused by upper respiratory tract infections such as the common cold.
  • Relief of symptoms associated with seasonal and chronic allergic rhinitis.
  • To reduce allergy symptoms from dust, animal dander, grass, pollen, smoke, etc.
  • In users of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices with sleep apnea and snoring.


For children and adults over 4 years old

Instructions of Use

Dissolve one or two sachets of ATHOMER in 250ml of water inside the device. The correct application is done by pouring the salt water from one nostril and its outflow from the other.


*One sachet creates an Isotonic solution. With 2 sachets a Hypertonic solution is created.


Without coloring preservatives and additives.