About Us

Pharmacosmetic-diafarm, STERGIOULAS STYLIANOS & CO LP is a family business founded in 2002 by Mr. Stergioulas Stylianos and he runs the business today with his sons Vasileios and Konstantinos Stergioulas. The company manufactures, imports and distributes para-pharmaceutical products by natural ingredients. The company’s main occupation is the production of sterile nasal decongestant sea water spray. The company’s products are produced with the best and most innovative technological practices to keep all marine minerals and trace elements unchanged. Our laboratories are accredited by the National Organization of Medicines (EOF) in accordance with the standards of European Pharmaceutical industry. 

The company’s facilities are located in the industrial area of Thesssaloniki, at the 14th km of Thessaloniki-Poligiros , Thermi, Thessaloniki, P.C. 57001. 

The company is active in the field of product design and production. Each department is covered by appropriate staff.

There are 800m2 for the production including raw material storage areas, production laboratory, storage of finished products, quality control room etc. 

The high quality of the products is achieved thanks to the innovative electrodialysis process, the excellent quality of raw materials, as the sea water is pumped from the cleanest sea of Aegean Sea (in the region of Mount Athos), the selected natural extracts, the special filter systems and to the quality of packaging and production materials. Always, in strict compliance with CE guidelines according to the management system of EN ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485:2016 ensuring consistent quality since 2002. Our company is subjected to regular audits by the Notified body and CE to ensure its compliance. Our products are registered in EOF, the National Organization of Medicines. 


EC Certificate / National Evaluation Center of Quality & Technology in Health S.A

Certificate of Conformity of Management System / Materials Industrial Research & Technology Center S.A.

Our Clients

Mitek is a dynamically developing pharmaceutical company that provides a full range of services for bringing products to the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market. They provide market analysis, registration, logistics, promotion and distribution of products throughout Ukraine in accordance with all legal requirements.

PolyCare Technology is one of leading medical device distributors in China specializing in ENT/Neuro, Hand & Foot fields over 15years, its annual turnover in 2021 has been more than 20million USD. Now PolyCare is representing the following international brands on exclusivity within China territory

1. NasoPore Nasal & Ear hemostasis Dressing, Stryker USA.

2. Middle ear prosthesis, implants, Grace medical inc. USA

3. Middle ear endoscope training system, Grace medical inc. USA

4. Instruments, RZ, Germany

5. Endoscopies & Instruments, DEUSCH, Germany

6. Shaver & Drill system, Nouvag, Switerzland

7. ENT/Respiratory, Nasal Spray and irrigation system-PHARMACOSMETIC – DIAFARM, STERGIOULAS STYLIANOS & Co L.P., Greece

8. Neurolac Nerve Guide and Vivosorb Anti-adhesion film, Polyganics BV, The Netherlands

PolyCare regularly invests a lot in sponsoring doctors training and academic events on regular baisis. Thanks to its well trained personels and continous investment over years, It has built a well-established sub-distribution networking in China and solid relationship with KOLs in China which ensures products and service reach end users in a efficient and timely way.  In addition, daily visit ensures PolyCare understands well what doctors require and offer instant service to them. 

The company "GRAND PHARM TRADE" was opened in 2005 as a wholesaler of pharmaceuticals, in September 2017, a pharmacy network was added to the distribution company. At the initial stage of formation, the company employed 6 people, at the end of 2018 it was 728 employees.

As part of the distribution area, the company cooperates with more than 300 partners registered in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

What is reflected in the nomenclature range of the drugs provided. These are 6058 items, 2167 of which are imported.

CapeyPharma Ltd - Bulgaria is a manufacturer and distributor of medical devices and food supplements with special emphasis on pediatrics, laryngology and dermatology.

they are an innovative company and as such we strive for in-depth knowledge of customer needs, so they offer high quality products with a good balance between price and quality.

So far they offer on the Bulgarian market five product series: OlivoCap , BabyCap , Milian , Athomer and Röwo

they started our activity since 1997 as a Familiar Company. Its main activity was hospital tenders. To enlarge our activities and to start distribution of drugs and medical accessories to hospitals, pharmacies, warehouses, hypermarkets and drogeries they created ICN&BM Company.

Pharmaceutical company “ICN&BM” exists since beginning of the year 2007.

Primary business occupancy as an importing wholesaler is trading and distribution of drugs and medical accessories. Mainly takes care for marketing and distribution and cover all Kosovo market and markets outside Kosovo. Even though we exist for a short period they succeeded to take important position on Kosovo drugs market. For this success we have to thank to our highly experienced employees, as well as to prosperous cooperation with pharmaceutical companies well known in Kosovo and foreign countries.

The Company has its own building with over 1000 sqm of working space. Building is designed and built to fulfill all regulations and standards for purpose of trade and distribution of drugs and medical accessories, and it is licensed from Kosovo Medicines Agency.

Significant role and importance for such growth has our success in supplying governmental health institutions (hospitals, ambulances, health insurance institutes etc). Participation of this turnover went from 2% to 25% of total turnover.

Within 2014, ICN&BM Company opened 5 pharmacies in several cities of Kosovo.

Behzad Medical Est. W. L. L.

Behzad Pharmacy is one of the first Pharmaceutical Distributor in the Kingdom of Bahrain, established in 1947 by Dr. Qassim Mohamed Behzad after his graduation from the Medical College, New Delhi-India, in 1942 (as one of the first Bahraini Doctor in the Gulf Area).

Between 1947 and 1985, Behzad Pharmacy which began developing with the life in Bahrain became one of the branches of Behzad Medical Establishment (in 1985)

Director/Managing Director: Mr. Essam Qassim Mohammed Behzad

Handled Business: Import, Distribution – Wholesale and Retail

Type of Products: Drugs Products, Lab Products, Cosmetic Products, Hospital Furniture , Medical Equipment, X-ray/Radio Active Products, Surgical Consumables/ Instruments, Physiotherapy Products etc.

Distribution Channels:

  • Direct Sales by Sales Representatives
  • Awarded through Tender participation.
  • 7 Outlets (6 Pharmacies & 1 Showroom)

Promotion Channels:

  • Thru Medical/Sales representatives
  • Medical equipments supported by technical team of engineers
  • Through seminars
  • Through exhibition & fairs

Echo-Medical is a dynamic medical services company with an entrepreneurial character incorporated and registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

Echo-Medical focuses on providing access to innovative licensed pharma and healthcare products as well as medical devices which can help to  improve health, reduce the incidence of infection, decrease the symptoms of disease, relive the pain and enhance the patients' quality of life across the region.

Echo-Medical believes in creating lasting relationships with our staff,  business partners and customers, building relationships based on honesty and trust, relationships that flourish. It’s what motivates us to constantly find new ways to exceed the expectations of our business partners and customers’, finding ever better ways of building stronger relationships.

Nobu Trading Ltd is specialised in nasal products as a distributor of Dr Benny® Electric Nasal Aspirator, Benny® and Nosy® Nasal Aspirators and the Athomer Nasal Sprays. 

We cover UK and US and our customers can enjoy the benefit of the most competitive shipment terms and fast service from our warehouses. 


PharmaQ S.A. was founded in 2008, Athens, creating a goal to produce appropriate contemporary medicinal treatments and remedies.

they swiftly achieved our objective, offering non-prescription over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, Medical devices, naturally derived remedies and self-healing/self-care health products.

The introduction of these products received instant recognition from all health professionals and had a profound influence on the consequent progress of the pharmaceutical market in Greece and Cyprus.

A pharmaceutical company founded in 2013, focusing at the import, distribution and marketing of medicines, medical devices and food supplements from European producers! they prove to be an exclusive representation in the Republic of Moldova of internationally recognized companies such as:

  • Accord Healthcare (UK) – Oncological Medicines
  • Pharmalink SL (Spain) – Force NRG Ginseng, Force NRG Carnitine, FREENOSE nasal aspirator
  • Sun Wave Pharma (Romania) – Respisun, Wormex, Hepaid Junior, Altrifer LDS, 4 Bones, Tiolin Complex, Fluend, Neurovert Forte and others.
  • Pharmacosmetic-Diafarm (Greece) – Sea water Athomer, Athomer Propolis, Athomer Hypertonic
  • Epsilon Health (Greece) – Algoral, Effecol, Effecol Junior, Effecol Prep, Diolin Liquid, Minotik, Silben Nano, Donafil
  • Heaton (Czech Republic) Vagilact NTC
  • Sakura Italia (Sakura) – Clogin Elle
  • SOLE PHARMA (Latvia) – Olefar Duo, Hepastrong Amino, SOLURO OD, Stressnol, Artroveron 5 in 1
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