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Athomer Propolis Mist, Jet & Mini

Athomer with propolis extract is a sterile isotonic solution of seawater with propolis extract (0.4%), rich in marine minerals and trace elements such as Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, etc. It is suitable for cleaning the nasal cavities, for removing and reducing the accumulated mucus as well as for moisturizing the nasal mucosa.

Suitable for

  • Daily hydration and cleaning of the nasal cavities.
  • Removal of accumulated mucus, moisturizing the nasal cavities and facilitating breathing.

For children and adults from 12 months + (For Jet packaging the age is 12 years +).

Without propellants, coloring preservatives and additives.

BOV Technology:

The BOV benefits for distribution and production:

  • Product effectiveness. The BOV system allows filling up to 98% to be applied.
  • More stable and durable than plastic sprinklers and valves.
  • No chance of contamination of the contents inside. Because the Seawater is channeled and the bag is isolated.
  • Easy and safe filling process.

The BOV benefits for the consumer:

  • Up to 99.7% emptying of the product from the package.
  • Compressed air between bag and package where a constant spray flow is guaranteed.
  • Continuous 360˚ distribution.
  • Works at any angle.
  • Reduced spray noise.
  • Total separation of product and compressed air.

The BOV benefits for safety and environment:

  • Advanced function
  • No flammable propellant required.
  • It is used with environmentally friendly compressed air.
  • Safety and Health.

*B.O.V technology cannot be applied to the Mini 35ml series


  • 2 in 1 (baby + adult)
  • Advanced finger flange for better control and comfort use.
  • Integrated cap on top.
  • Built-in ring for a better look.
  • Filling process: one step assembly (cap & sprayer).

Pacifica Activator

  • Spray Mist-8ml/10s at 9 bar
  • Spray Jet-30ml/10s at 9 bar