Athomer packaging and safety Athomer packaging and safety


1. Dosometric pump


The nasal cavity is an air filled space behind the nose responsible for filtering and conditioning of the air inspired. In the nasal cavities the air is being cooled or warmed and dust and other particulate matters are removed by a thin layer of mucus and short, thick hairs. For proper hygiene and function of the nasal respiratory tract system, the layer of mucus and humidity should be maintained. Unlike common nasal irrigation, which flushes out excess mucus and most of the times also removes the necessary mucus required to protect the body against infections,


Athomer provides specialized sprayers so that each spraying is dose metered. In this way, sea water is inserted in the nasal cavities in the form of microscopic particles that help in its absorption and dissolution of the excess mucus






2. Rotating 360 pump


Each spraying of the nasal nozzle is dose metered. The sprayer is designed for infants and children. The nasal nozzle rotates 360o for easier application.